Chain scavenger

Chain scavenger
This product can be in a short time in the seal bags of oxygen to below 0.1%, thus effectively prevent bags of food in the mold, snake, oxidation, become angry phenomenon. And fully automatic high-speed section cast machine combination, will be able to realize the scavenger automatic turn on, each machine packaging machine may save 2-3 people.
With material:
Reduced iron powder, water, salt, activated carbon

Trisodium phosphate

Trisodium phosphate
Points son type: Na3PO4. NH20
Knitting number: 7601-54-9
Execution standard: FCC - 1996
Use way: in the food industry as water retention agent, applied to can, fruit juice beverages, dairy products, meat, cheese and drinks.
Packing specification: 25 kg, double plastic core, outside bag for woven bag or coated paper bag

Cream of tartar

Cream of tartar
Chemical formula: KC4H5O6
Character: usually colorless to white orthorhombic system crystalline powder, in the water solubility with temperature change, not soluble in ethanol and acetic acid, soluble in mineral acids.
Cream of tartar is when making wine by-product, in food industry as additives, raising agent, also used as a reductant and buffer reagent.

Sweet element (sodium cyclamate)

Chemical properties
Sweet element chemical name sodium cyclamate, white needle, flaky crystal or crystalline powder. Odourless. Taste sweet, the dilute solution of sucrose sweetness is about 30 times. 10% aqueous solution is neutral (PH 6.5), to heat, light, air stability. Add a little bitter after heat. Decomposition temperature about 280 ℃, not occur Manila saccharification reaction. The acidic conditions stable, alkaline slightly when decomposition. Soluble in water (1 g / 5 ml) and propylene glycol (1 g / 5 ml), hardly soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, benzene and chloroform.