Acetate market review

* * * * negotiations in 5950-6050 yuan/ton near, * * * * area negotiations in 6100-6200 yuan/ton near, * * * * area negotiations in 5900-6000 yuan/ton nearby; At present the downstream users remain low purchasing, partial businessman negative operation, trading atmosphere in old partial apathy, market lacks good support, the short line market vulnerable to maintain.
Butyl acetate* * * * area negotiations in 10300-10400 yuan/ton near, * * * * area negotiations in 10600-10700 yuan/ton near, * * * * area about 10400 yuan/ton nearby; Market focus on low partial clinch a deal, the market downturn faster, in a certain degree of impact on the user's purchasing mentality, the market overall trading atmosphere light, short term market continued weak operation.

A low carbon economy is the new rules

Low carbon economy in the world today is the topic of a storm. It seems to be a technical problem, or economic development model, but low carbon economic background and significance not only so far. Maybe it is behind and the charter of the United Nations, the gatt, is the new pattern of the world development regulation and a new rule.
History has proved that any kind of global development, the establishment of rules are behind each country economic benefits wrestling and balance. For low carbon economy so that every country want to seize the opportunity, its opening is doomed to be a more thrilling, countries and regions and so on various economies battle between wisdom. Promoting low carbon economic country, national group has been prepared, such as * * * * and began to build a low carbon economy technology base, raise energy efficiency and develop renewable energy sources. Especially in European Union countries, to implement the development and conservation and energy policy, vigorously develop the north sea oil and gas resources, and actively develop domestic wind power and biomass energy, vigorously advocate energy saving and improving energy efficiency. To * * * years............... .. Low carbon economy also must go marketization road, must obey the laws of the market.
* * * * in the low carbon economic go so far, they adopted a carbon trading system, * * * * system, and promote the development of the low carbon economy. * * * * * and adopted a new energy policy, bring up the new energy industry. Also should be noted that the low carbon economy can't look for shortcuts, there is no shortcut to form, need at least twenty years, 30 years of time. * * continent is spent 30 years of efforts to achieve the degree of today.

Agms adipic acid device first half to drive

* * chau's largest adipic acid manufacturers, after a month of preventive maintenance, the company intends to make the miyazaki prefecture delay because of 120000 tons/year adipic acid device on June first half to drive.
The official said: "we're going to let the device in two weeks after drive."
Adipic acid supply nervous condition remains to * * at the end of the month, because * * countries are and the upcoming preventive maintenance.
Due to the downstream polyurethane/sole industry into the production off-season, * * buyers buy goods rarely.
Adipic acid is mainly used in the production of nylon 6, 6, also used in the production of polyurethane, polyurethane used in the production of sole and polyester resin. Nylon 6, 6 for the production of tyre cord.

Alumina market down the price of caustic soda bad factors increase

Recently, the world's second largest alumina supplier * * * company announced that it will alumina spot price by 5% to hk $* * / tons, this is since this year * * * * aluminum first cut the price of alumina. And the message says, individual areas of alumina plant open work load will be compressed, the downstream alumina industries to caustic soda market support abate. * * * * area caustic soda enterprise shipment already feeling pressure, enterprise wait-and-see atmosphere increase, the factory price stability individual source fold the clinch a deal the price has been fifty yuan/ton lower amplitude.